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Olivier Springer

Photography since 1986. Mostly Black and White photography. Classic themes like portraits, fashion, streetphotography, boudoir and classic nudes. Published in several print magazines. Covershots, editorials and more. The photographer always loved black and white photography. It had a certain timeless quality to it that he couldn't find in any other type of photography. So, when he decided to start a boudoir photography business, he only shot in black and white. At first, his clients were hesitant. They didn't think that black and white photography could be marvelous. But the photographer was adamant that it could be done and, after a few successful photo shoots, his clients started to believe him. Now, his work is published in several magazines and he's even been selected as one of the best in black and white for boudoirinspiration magazine. His photos are timeless and they continue to inspire other photographers and boudoir clients alike.